Ride smoothly and leave the ground

The Freeride trail flows and provides the best riding fun. It has bigger jumps than the flow trails and is therefore more demanding to ride. Berms, tabletops and other elements form its typical character. All jumps can be rolled over. Due to its surface, the route is easy to ride even in wet weather conditions.

North Shore elements, including drops and skinnies, offer additional challenges. The wooden elements are closed off when wet.

Suitable for eMountain bikes.
Suitable for hardtails
Not suitable for dirt bikes.
Suitable for children with appropriate experience from around ten years of age

At a glance

Length: 1590 metres
Difficulty: medium
Width of the route: 2 to 3 m
Altitude drop: 190 m

North shore sequence: 250 m
Difficulty: hard

Protectors: helmet obligatory, recommendation: full-face helmet and protectors

Ziener BIKE Festival Willingen 2017 in Willingen, Germany - SCOTT Upland Enduro © Miha Matavz

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