Concentration, a steady hand and well-coordinated movement is what you need in archery. Those who want to hone the skill to perfection have to spend a lot of time practicing. But after a brief introduction, everyone can start with a few first attempts. And then, every hit motivates you to try some more. A leisure adventure for the whole family.

At the Geisskopf you can find a practice area with traditional targets, dinosaurs and life-like 3D animals.

High quality sports bow equipment can be hired at the Bow Shop directly beside our Bikestation. The beginning of the parcour is located by the shooting area, where you can sign the parcour log book and pay the user fee in full.


Training grounds (3 hours)

Adults: 5,- € / person
Children up to 14 years old: 3,- € / person
Children up to 6 years old: free

3D Adventure Range (incl. training grounds)

Adults: 12,- € / person
Children up to 14 years old: 6,- € / person
Children up to 6 years old: free
10-pass ticket: 90,- €

Bow Park family ticket (2 adults + own children)

1 day: 25,- €

Bow Park guest ticket (3x 3D Adventure Range)

Adults: 30,- €
Children: 12,- €

Courses for Beginners (2 hours, group size of at least 3 people)

Adults: 38,- € / person
Children: 28,- € / person
Private lessons: 38,- € / hour

Calling ahead is recommended.

Equipment Hire (Bow, quiver, arm protection, 3 arrows)

Adults: 8,- € / person
Children up to 14 years old: 4,- € / person