Rules of conduct


o The number of visitors is reduced. Lift transportation is only possible with advance reservation.
o In the case of incidences of over 50 in the district, a negative corona test (PCR test, POC antigen test or self-test under supervision) carried out a maximum of 24 hours ago is necessary
o When using- the lift and in all waiting areas, a mask is required. You can remove the mask when riding the trails.
o The instructions of our employees must be followed. If the hygiene rules are violated, the lift ticket will be withdrawn without replacement.
o In general, people who have respiratory symptoms should stay at home.
o keep your distance! Minimum distance 1.5 m.

Mask requirement:

o At the checkout
o In the queue at the lift
o In the boarding area at the lift
o In the exit area at the lift
o In the waiting area of ​​the gastronomy
o When using the toilet facilities
o In all other areas with possible contact to Geisskopf employees and / or other visitors.
o Only FFP2 masks apply as masks. Everyday masks or full-face helmets are not accepted.
o No certificate will be accepted that exempts you from the mask requirement.

o Avoid touching the mucous membranes in the facial area (eyes, mouth, etc.) with your hands if possible.
o Pay cashless if possible at the cash register.
o Please drive carefully and avoid injuries. Every less hospital visit and less rescue mission is a good thing right now.

Lift transportation

o Transport takes place in the six-seater chair lift or in the drag lift.
o Compulsory masks in the queue and entry and exit areas
o Please line up one behind the other and keep your distance.
o Chair lift: In order to keep your distance and avoid the transmission of germs, we are unfortunately NOT able to hang up any bikes for you at the moment.
o Lift bars are disinfected at intervals.


o Camping is allowed as soon as tourist overnight stays are allowed again. Information is available from the Bischofsmais Tourist Information:

Gastronomy & shops

o The Geisskopfhütte is open.
o The forest inn is open.
o The bike shop & archery course are open.
o Please note the individual hygiene concepts in the shops and in the catering trade!

Verhaltensregeln Geisskopf