Rules of conduct


o Our hygiene concept is coordinated with the concept of the VDS - Association of German Cable Cars from May 4th, 2020.
o The instructions of our employees must be followed. If the hygiene rules are violated, the lift card will be withdrawn without replacement.
o In general, people who have respiratory symptoms should stay at home.
o Keep your distance! Minimum distance 1.5 m.

Mask requirement:

o At the cash point
o In the queue at the lift
o In the entry area at the lift
o In the exit area at the lift
o In the waiting area of ​​the catering trade
o When using the toilet facilities
o In all other areas with possible contact to Geisskopf employees and / or other visitors.

o If possible, do not touch the mucous membranes in the face (eyes, mouth, etc.) with your hands.
o Pay cashless at the checkout if possible.
o Please ride carefully and avoid injuries. Every visit to the hospital and less rescue operations is a good thing at the moment.

Lift transportation

o The transport takes place in the single chair lift or in the T-bar lift, in each case alone.
o Mask requirement in the queue and entry and exit area
o Please line up in a row and keep your distance. Unfortunately, there may be waiting times.
o Chair lift: In order to keep your distance and avoid germ transmission, we can NOT hang up bikes for you at the moment. The chairlift will move slower than usual. The bikes are attached at your own risk. Alternatively, please use the T-bar lift.
o Lifting bars are disinfected at intervals.


oCamping is currently not allowed in the parking lot until at least May 30th. There is no electricity and no shower containers. This is a general arrangement in Bavaria. Thanks for your understanding!

Gastronomy & shops

o The "Geisskopfhütte" will start operating the beer garden an cafe terrace. from May 20th.
o The "Forstagsthaus" starts with a small offer of drinks and food served "to go". Please note: until May 18, no consumption is allowed on the restaurant property!
o Due to the still unclear situation, please also take your own food / drink with you during the first week of opening.
o Bike shop and archery course are open.
o Please note the individual hygiene concepts in the shops and in the catering trade!

Verhaltensregeln Geisskopf