Pump Track / Trail

Push and pull hard

The Pump Trail branches runs from the middle of the Freeride trail to just above the valley station of the Ettelsberg mountain cable car. The Pump Track is located above the ice rink. Through pulling and pushing, mountain bikers glide with momentum and without pedaling over small waves. Berms complete the flow.

If you want to ride from the K1 to the Ettelsberg cable car and don’t want to use the road, you could simply go via the Pump Trail.

The Pump Trail is suitable for eMountain bikes, the Pump Track is not.
Suitable for hardtails
Suitable for dirt bikes
Suitable for children with appropriate experience from around six years of age

At a glance

Pump trail length: 400m
Pump track: 23 x 12 metres
Difficulty: Easy
Protectors: helmet mandatory, recommendation: full-face helmet and protectors


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