Accommodation at the Geisskopf and in Bischofsmais

If you have the time, you are welcome to camp at the Geisskopf in caravans or motorhomes. However, please register. Camping, parking of caravans and motorhomes as well as sleeping in a car is only permitted on the designated parking spaces. You can fill in the registration forms of the Touristik Center Bischofsmais in the MTB ZONE Bikestation.

Fees / night:
Adults: 1 €
Children: € 0.50
Toilets and showers are available. Electricity connection possible free of charge.

We want to protect and preserve the Bavarian Forest Nature Park – and hopefully you do, too! Every camper is responsible for their waste disposal. Anyone who simply leaves their rubbish lying around will unfortunately face legal consequences. We’re sure you understand!

The tourist information office in Bischofsmais provides further accommodation: room search

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