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Flow Trail gesperrt
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The planned start of season in the MTB ZONE bike parks is

- Willingen: early April

- Geisskopf: mid-April

- Petzen: mid-May

Due to the corona virus problem, these dates may not be kept. Nothing will be possible in Willingen and at Geisskopf until the end of the Easter holidays. At Petzen we have to wait and see whether the situation has calmed down by then.

We assume that riding the trails does not mean a risk of infection if the riders keep their distance from others. But the operation of a bike park also includes a lift and rental.

We will coordinate with the respective operators and in accordance with the official requirements, when these areas can be opened and what needs to be payed attention in order to be able to exclude any danger to our guests. This can mean that the opening is still has to be putt off. We will keep you informed.

In the meantime, we are preparing the trails and rentals for the season so that we can start as soon as the situation permits.


Stay healthy and help limit the danger for everyone.